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Peter Langhorne

Peter  Langhorne  is  Professor  of  Stroke  Care  at  the  University  of  Glasgow,  UK.  His research work has focussed on the effectiveness of different management strategies for stroke patients, including service delivery and stroke rehabilitation. This work has involved the use of various methodological approaches and collaboration with more than 50 colleagues from around the world. 
During the last 15 years he has been a coordinator and grant holder for randomised clinical  trials  of  occupational  therapy,  specialist  nursing,  augmented  physiotherapy and early mobilisation. He also has been a coordinator and of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of trials of stroke units, early supported discharge services, outpatient therapy  services,  intensive  physiotherapy  input,  stroke  liaison  worker  services,  and nutritional  supplementation.  In  addition he  has  served on  the  steering  committees of  trials  of  stroke  unit  care,  stroke  service  delivery,  caregiver  training,  botulinum toxin therapy, speech and language therapy and nutritional supplementation.
He is the coordinating editor of the Cochrane Stroke Group and has worked within the   Cochrane   collaboration   more   broadly   to   encourage   the   development   of evidence-based practice.