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Ntaios, George

George Ntaios is Lecturer of Internal Medicine in the University of Thessaly (Greece). He is a board certified internist and stroke physician, and serves in the Department of Medicine in Larissa University Hospital (Greece).

After graduating in 2000 from the Medical Faculty of Charles University (Czech Republic), he continued his postgraduate studies in Thessaloniki (Greece) where he completed his MSc and PhD courses in 2003 and 2008 respectively in the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki (Greece). In 2011, he completed the European Master in Stroke Medicine in Danube University (Austria) supported by a scholarship from the European Stroke Organization (ESO). He has spent one year in the acute stroke unit of the Lausanne University Hospital (Switzerland) as a stroke research fellow.

He actively serves as fellow of the ES0 and is member of the ESO Education Committee, the ESO registry task force, and contributes in the preparation of the ESO guidelines for the management of ischemic stroke by chairing the “Temperature management in acute stroke” module and participating in the “Deep venous thrombosis prophylaxis in acute stroke” module.

His main research interest focuses mainly on stroke prognosis, secondary stroke prevention, and acute stroke management. He participates in randomized controlled trials of acute stroke management and secondary stroke prevention.

He is deeply grateful to his wonderful wife and their two lovely children for all their support and patience.