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Kwakkel, Gert

Professor  Gert  Kwakkel  has  a  chair  of  Neurorehabilitation  at  the  VU  University Medical  Centre  in  Amsterdam  as  well  as  the  Rudolf  Magnus  Institute  of  the University  Medical  Centre  Utrecht  in  The  Netherlands.  In  particular  his  chair  is dedicated to translational research in which knowledge from pre-clinical research is used  for  a  better  understanding  of  functional  change  in  the  field  of  stroke rehabilitation as well as patients with Parkinsons' disease and multiple sclerosis. He published more than 100 papers in leading scientific journals such as Lancet, Lancet Neurology and Stroke. He is member of the management board of Research Institute Move  at  the  VU  University  and  he  is  European  Managing  Editor  of  the  journal Neurorehabilitation & Neural Repair (NNR) (impact factor: 5.4). Professor Kwakkel is president  of  the  Dutch  Society  of  Neurorehabilitation  (DSNR;  www.neurorehab.nl) and  member  of  the  scientific  steering  committees  of  the  European  Federation  of Neurorehabilitation   (EFNR)   and   the   World   Federation   of   Neurorehabilitation (WFNR).