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De Keyser Jacques

Jacques  De  Keyser  received  his  medical  degree  at  the  Free  University  of  Brussels (Belgium) in 1981. He completed his training in Neurology at the Free University of Brussels  and  the  National  Hospital  for  Nervous  Diseases  in  London  (UK)  in  1986.
Between  1986  and  1994,  he  worked  as  neurologist  at  the  University  Hospital Brussels as assistant professor and associate professor. Between 1994 and 1995, he assumed the position of Scientific Director CNS International at the Janssen Research Foundation.  Between  1995  and  2008  he  was  full  professor  and  chair  of  the Neurology    Department    at    the    University    Medical    Center    Groningen    (The Netherlands).  Since  October  2008  he  is  professor  of  Neurology  and  head  of  the Neurology Department at the University Hospital Brussels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), and  honorary  professor  at  the  University  Medical  Center  Groningen.  Jacques  De Keyser is a member of the European Stroke Organisation Guidelines Committee. His research  in  stroke  primarily  focuses  on  the  management  of  the  acute  phase  of ischemic stroke.