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Mission Statement

Stroke, both cerebral haemorrhage and brain ischemia, is one of the primary causes of death and morbidity in industrialised countries. It causes permanent disability in many of the survivors. There has been important progress not only in the acute treatment but also in the prevention of stroke. Early treatment and reduction of the modifiable risk factors are important in declining the impact of stroke in our society.

It is necessary that Belgian medical doctors, interested in stroke, collaborate together, not only from a pure scientific point of view but also in order to be able to inform general practitioners on the changing concepts in stroke and to attract the attention of the public on the alarming signs. This would best be done in an organised scientific association. The Belgian Stroke Council groups together not only neurologists but also cardiologists, vascular surgeons, neuroradiologists, and also specialists in geriatrics, rehabilitation and intensive care. This initiative is supported by the Belgian Society of Neurology.

The purposes of the Belgian Stroke Council are:

  • to promote scientific exchange within Belgium by organising scientific meetings and collaborating with International Stroke Societies
  • to establish guidelines in stroke prevention and treatment
  • to collaborate with the pharmaceutical Industry in stroke prevention and treatment trials
  • to promote clinical research in stroke
  • to deliver useful information to the press and the public.