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 13th International Symposium of the Belgian Stroke Council (2014)

29 November 2014 @ Provinciehuis Brabant (Leuven)


endorsed by the European Stroke Organisation
CME (Belgium) credited

 The Belgian Stroke Council gives full support to  ESOC 2015

ESO Conference 2015 is a unique opportunity to partake in a top calibre scientific programme and discuss various aspects of the field and profession with leading internationally renowned specialists.

The ESO is a Pan European society of stroke researchers, national and regional stroke societies committed to scientific excelence

by hosting the perfect forum for professional collaboration, networking and sharing of knowledge on the latest research.


Youg neurologist do apply for

ESO Summer School

Glasgow, 24-29 August 2014 


Young neurologists and neuroradiologists, do apply for

The acute interdisciplinary stroke treatment course for young stroke physicians and neuroradiologists

Bern (Switzerland)

2-7 February 2014


The Belgian Stroke Council Award 2013 goes to

Dr. G. Naeije 
et al. (Gaspard N, Legros B, Mavroudakis N & Pandolfo M.)


On behalf of the Congress Co-Chairpersons, Prof. Amos Korczyn and Prof. Heinz Reichmann,

we are happy to inform you that

will take place in

Berlin, Germany, May 8-11, 2014 


The Belgian Stroke Council is supporting local initiatives for


Leaflets can be ordered via info@belgianstrokecouncil.com


The first edition of the

has started

An organisation of the Belgian Stroke Council (BSC) together with the Centre de Formation pour le Secteurs Infirmier et De Sante (CPSI)


 The second edition of the


has started

An organisation of the Belgian Society for Neuronursing (BVNV) together with the Belgian Stroke Council (BSC)

The program is organised together with KHBO and Flanders Events Organisation and endorsed by the European Stroke Council and the European Stroke Conference


was a major success

in collaboration with the Belgian Neurological Society
endorsed by the European Stroke Organisation


Young neurologists, do apply for

ESO Summer School

Perugia, 8-14 September 2013 




Post your innovative ideas in stroke care



At the annual International Symposium of the Belgian Stroke Council


simultaneously at todays showing of "Geraakt" at the Patient Board meeting,

the new logo for the Belgian Stroke Council was revealed.


The logo has been created by Marie-Bernadette JACQMAIN


Dr Andreas Charidimou
et al. (A Peeters, Z Fox, SM Gregoire, Y Vandermeeren, P Laloux, HR Jäger, JC Baron and DJ Werring)
"Spectrum of transient focal neurological episodes in cerebral amyloid angiopathy: multicentre MRI cohort study and meta-analysis"

The Belgian Stroke Council supports

the 17th Nordic Congress on Cerebrovascular Diseases (Nordic Stroke 2013),

which will take place on August 21-24, 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

11th International Symposium of the BSC (2012)
 The program is endorsed by the European Stroke Council and the European Stroke Conference



 The Belgian Stroke Council, together with Zest Fresh Juice Bars,

campaigns for World Stroke Day 2012!


845 sold "White Miracles" generate a donation of 422.5 Euro to the BSC

to improve care for stroke patients in Belgium

Press release and Facebook



At the November SAFE Working Conference and General Assembly in Barcelona,

the new Belgian Stroke Council - Patient Board has been accepted as Ordinary Member,

together with the ARNI Trust (UK),the Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke and the Serbian Stroke Society



The program is organised together with KHBO and Flanders Events Organisation and endorsed by the European Stroke Council and the European Stroke Conference






The Belgian Stroke Council is looking for a new logo




Belgian Stroke Council fights Stroke in patients with Atrial Fibrillation
together with the Ligue Cardiologique Belge/Belgisch Cardiologische Liga
in a campaign during the Week of the Heart 2012



Press Conference 18/9/2012


proudly announce their formal cooperation.

The new statutes have been published on July 9, 2012

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 KCE Reports 181A
(29 June 2012)

"Stroke units: efficacy, quality indicators and organisation"

"Beroerte: snelle opname in gespecialiseerde stroke unit cruciaal"

"Les unités neurovasculaires: efficacité, indicateurs de qualité et organisation"

Download the report from the KCE-website (Stroke Units) 


Two members of the Patient Board participated

in the Patiënt Summit Advocacy in Action, Effecting Change

in Budapest (12 – 13 juni 2012)


 The Belgian Stroke Council Award 2011 goes to 

 "Clinical phenotyping and family screening of patients with α-Gal A enzyme deficiency or α-Gal

A gene abnormalities identified in a large Fabry screening program in stroke in the young"

Isabel De Brabander and Laetitia Yperzeele

 Prof. Dr. P. De Deyn 


"Stroke Units and Acute Stroke Care"

in Leuven (Provinciehuis) on Saturday 10th of December was a succes. 

The Belgian Stroke Council participated in a
on July 12, 2011

at the European Parliament in Brussels. 

The international campaign “1 Mission 1 Million - Getting to the Heart of Stroke” aims to raise awareness about Atrial Fibrillation (AF) and the associated risk of stroke. Healthcare practitioners (HCP) and patients all over the world were appealed to submit projects. Each project is committed to take action to ensure greater awareness, understanding and education of AF in order to prevent suffering and life threatening complications.
PRESS            Voting has ended 

 The Belgian Stroke Council
the stroke patient organisation STROKE
are going to join forces
to improve care for stroke patients in Belgium
Simone M Gregoire, Naveen Gadapa, Eamon Dolan, Jean-Claude Baron, Andre Peeters,  Yves Vandermeeren, Patrice Laloux, Hans R Jäger, David J Werring
UCL Institute of Neurology, London, UK
Addenbrookes’ Hospital, Cambridge, UK
Cliniques UCL Saint Luc, Brussels, B 
 Campaign 2010  


Belgian Guidelines on Stroke Units have been published
 9th Scientific Symposium of the BSC (2010):
Young neurologist?
Interested in updating your knowledge on Stroke Care?
Application for the ESO Summer School 2011 in Heidelberg.

Belgian Stroke Council Award Winner 2009:
Dr. A. De Smedt, Dr. S. De Raedt, Dr. R. Brouns, Prof. Dr. J. De Keyser
Stroke Unit, UZ Brussel
8th Scientific Symposium of the BSC (2009):