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1 Mission: 1 Million

Support the Belgian Stroke Council and the STROKE association in winning a “1 Mission: 1 Million” award!

The international campaign “1 Mission 1 Million - Getting to the Heart of Stroke” aims to raise awareness about Atrial Fibrillation (AF) and the associated risk of stroke. Healthcare practitioners (HCP) and patients all over the world were appealed to submit projects. Each project is committed to take action to ensure greater awareness, understanding and education of AF in order to prevent suffering and life threatening complications.

The campaign empowers people to decide which projects will receive a share of €1,000,000 in funds.

By voting for us, you can help us finance our screening project of the 736 EU Parliamentarians for AF (€ 50,000 price category). This project is designed to have a high level of visibility and to raise awareness about AF’s associated risk of stroke amongst politicians, patients, and HCPs.

Voting only takes a minute and can be done every day by any single email-address on
Please share this campaign amongst your friends, family and work colleagues etc. The initiatives that receive the most votes in each price category will receive funding for implementation!

Thank you for your support!

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